64 Try & Survive Pool
This is a unique pool which will use the "line" of each game
to determine who advances to the next round.  If the team you own covers - you advance. Cover means that either the
favored team wins by more than the line OR the underdog team wins, loses by less than the line or ties the line. The line
to be used will be taken from oddsshark.com (or equiv.)
The pool will cost $50 to enter.  Select one of the 64 numbered squares on the web page
The squares will only serve to let us know who has joined and what number to match them with.  Once the pool 
is filled and the entry fees paid we will draw the 64 teams' names at random.  The 1st team picked will correspond to the
person selecting square number 1, the 2nd team picked will go to the person selecting square number 2, etc. until all 
64 teams and owners are matched up.  They will then be placed on the NCAA bracket for everyone to follow.  Because
we will be using the daily lines made up by the experts in Las Vegas the odds of advancing should be equal for each team.
Teams and owners will be determined after the play-in games are completed.
See the examples below for further details.
Example 1:  Owner A gets Florida as their team and Owner X gets Winthrop as their team.  Florida plays Winthrop
   in a 1st round game.  The line for the game is Florida by 20 points.  Florida wins
   by exactly 20 points 82 - 62.  Florida therefore does not cover the spread and Owner A loses and is out  
   of the pool.  Owner X is the winner and now is the owner of Florida for the next round.
Example 2:  Owner B gets Georgetown as their team and Owner Z gets Pennsylvania as their team.  Georgetown plays
   Penn. in a 2nd round game.  The line for the game is Georgetown by 7 1/2 points.
   Georgetown struggles but ends up winning the game 74 - 66 by 8 points.  Georgetown therefore covers the
   spread and Owner B is the winner and advances with Georgetown to the next round.  Owner Z loses and
   is out of the pool.
If you stay in the pool until the Sweet Sixteen you will finish in the money.  Each round after that the prize money will
increase.  The chart below shows what the payoffs will be.  100% of the entry money will paid out. ($3200)
Payoff Payoff
   Losers in Sweet Sixteen 100 X 8 800
   Losers in Elite Eight 200 X 4 800
   Losers in Final Four 300 X 2 600
   Runner-up 400 400
   Champion 600 600
To select your team(s) go to: http://www.rozebiz.com/squares/survive
To track results go to: http://www.rozebiz.com/hoops/tands.htm
Cash is the preferred payment method.  Pay your entry fee to Todd or Rick. Paypal
is accepted on the main website.
Good luck!