63 (Plus 4) Chances to Win Pool
Started in 2007, the "63 Chances to Win Pool" is similar to a Superbowl 10 X 10 grid with each square costing $100. When
the NCAA field expanded to 68 teams with (4) Play-In games we have added the (4) payouts to include ALL 67 games of
the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. You will have multiple chances to win and each round the prize money will
 increase.  100% of the entry money will be paid out.  Your numbers are the same for all 67 games.
How does it work?  Pretty much like a standard square pool except there are no “bad" number combinations
and your numbers are good for every game in the NCAA tournament.  Once the pool is filled and paid up, numbers
 will be drawn at random and filled in the grid.
Here is an example:  Fictional character Sam Hill has numbers 9 for the Lower Numbered Seed (# 3 Georgetown)
and 4 for the Higher Numbered Seed (# 14 Florida).  Georgetown goes on to win the game by a score of 79 - 64. 
Sam wins the game.
Because it was a Round 1 game he collects $110 and has 66 other games he can win.  The payouts for
the various rounds are shown in the table below.
Game Round
 Payout  Payout
Play-in games Games 1 - 4 105 420
Round 1 Games 5 -36 110 3520
Round 2 Games 37 - 52 135 2160
Sweet Sixteen Games 53 - 60 175 1400
Regional Finals Games 61 - 64 225 900
Semi-finals Games 65 - 66 425 850
Championship Game 67 750 750
During Play-In games or the Final Four it is possible for the same numbered seed teams to play one another.  To provide
clarity for those games the following Regions will be designated as Lower Numbered Seed in head to head play:
1. For Play-in round games: the Lower Numbered Seed will be the 1st Alphabetically by College Name. Ex. Davidson vs. Dayton
would mean Davidson is the Lower Numbered Seed and Dayton is the Higher Numbered Seed.
2. For Final Four and Championship games: Kansas City (Midwest) Regional teams are always the Lower Numbered Seed regardless
of the Regional team they play. Memphis (South) Regional teams are the Lower Numbered Seed vs. the New York (East) or San Jose (West) teams.
New York (East) Regional teams are the Lower Numbered Seed vs. San Jose (West) Regional teams.
Pay your entry fee to Todd or Rick in the GOB. Paypal
is also accepted on the main website in the menu section
Good luck!